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Every collection of blinkies tells a story. Here's mine. Blinkies are linked to their creator's sites unless the site is now gone. In any case, these are collected, not made by me. If you are looking for blinkies that I have made, you can find them on my blinkie page here. Be sure to snag these:

bookworm by Joanna at Heart - source page gone

night owl

i sting

need coffee now

i am woman


love my husband by jaoanna at - source page gone

love my little boy

i am cat furniture- by lisa at blinkie madness - site gone

dust bunnies

blogging mommie - country_kaz page is gone

I'm Dylan's aunt!

schoolhouse rock

lion witch wardrobe

give a hoot don't pollute

can't we all just get along

raised by forest sprites and faeries

child of the goddess

save the fae

by Joanna at - her page is gone

got blood?

life sexually transmitted fatal

lemmings can't be wrong

just lovely

foot of all evil

all lies lead to the truth

question the government

god protect me from your followers

if the apocalypse comes, beep me

cheese with yr whine?

not the brightest crayon?

confusing i am

matrix has you

stay saneinside insanity

woman hold on to

what we do echoes in eternity

einstein only inquisitive

open your mind

reach for the stars

i wish i may

i will remember you


phoenixfrom the ashes

I've made these blinkies for you - snag away! Post on your site, blog, or download and attach to email or stationary, send to friends - whatever you want. I only ask that you refrain from using my bandwidth. Please do not hotlink (directly link) to the images. There should be nothing in your html that says img src= etc. If you would like to credit me, you can refer to in text or link, but it is not at all required.

what noble cause? by what noble cause? by

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