Virtual Church of Benevolent Deities Inc.

VirtuBene - Virtual Church of Benevolent Deities, Inc.


Welcome to VirtuBene, the Virtual Church of Benevolent Deities Inc.

Here all divine manifestations of peace, kindness, love and compassion - as well as laughter, satire, joy and wisdom - are symbolically gathered and incorporated within our virtual church. It is a very very very large church.

Documentation of the infinite info is only in its infancy, but already you can offer up prayers, join the church (and get a nifty membership icon), get a share of stock, join the webring, read the wisdom of the jester prophets and the compassionate prophets, start your sacred text, and much more! If the deities move you to make suggestions and additions, and we wish for you this blessing, please use the scribe function.

Synchronicity brought you here today - make the most of it.

"Jesters do oft prove prophets." -William Shakespeare, King Lear

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