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Join the "Forward, You Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses" Ring

Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses, creating a circle of advice, experiences, resources, information, humor and friendship. All ex-Jay-DubYas welcome. The intent is to offer a community of sites that will help all of us as we navigate the issues involved with being a former JW. If you've been cast out by family and friends, find support. If you have insights, share them. Learn to ask better questions, walk your own path and follow your own calling.

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The ring is open to (almost) all Ex-JWs, whether or not you specifically address that on your site. I will not include the obvious porn, adult, violence, or hate sites, and will generally follow the acceptance rules common to rings. Please do not apply if you are a current JW. If you are not an Ex-JW, but your site offers resources that might be helpful to ex-JWs, your site will be judged on its merits alone.

PLEASE list the page on which the ring code will appear. It can appear on your home page, on a webrings page, or an a page that you feel is most pertinent to Ex-JWs. You can place it on multiple pages if you wish - just make sure that the primary page, where the code will always stay, is the url that you enter on the join page. If the code for the ring is not on that page, you're not in the ring. If you make a mistake, come back, sign in, and correct the url address again or just contact me for help.

Note: The name of the ring may be resonant to you if you remember the "Kingdom Song" called "Forward, You Witnesses." Since I named the ring, I have become aware of a controversy concerning the composer of the song, Erich Frost. Read about it here.

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Forward, You Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses!

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