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Pregnancy Loss Memorial Quilt
Memorial Page for My Ruptured Ectopic Not in Our Arms, Forever in Our Hearts Memorial Page for My Second Lost Pregnancy - No heartbeat at 8 weeks
Tribute to Bean Grief Awareness memorial Toto
Stevie's square for Cameron Quilt of Memories - Andrew - Our Miracle, Our Angel 12/10/96 - 01/09/01 Within Me Then Gone
Dawn Remembers you For Linking as a Cause SIDS the Silent Killer
Tamar Memory Joshua Hoover 1997 For the Love of Riley
RAOK SIDS The Silent Killer Alexis Jade Ryan 11-20-05

Whether you have suffered a loss or just want to support the cause of awareness of grief and loss, please pick up a square or contribute one by emailing me at heidi (at) virushead (dot) net. My aim is to create a virtual interconnectedness of acknowledgement and healing, so I will not link to sites that express hatred for any woman's choice.

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