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  • Helping Moms Connect has their own contest, and links to a few others as well on a site designed by two Indianapolis moms.

  • Trust Care - chance to win a complimentary full set of Trusted Care Natural Baby Care products. See especially the liquid baby powder.

  • Breyla Gift Basket - It's free and easy to win a Gift Basket ($75.00 value) filled with designer baby items. Sign up for the Sales & Updates Mailing List and receive only one mailing per month with new product updates, discounts and coupons, and game/craft ideas.

  • Join The First Years Parents Council and become part of an online community of parents who help decide the best products for their children. Then enter the $500 Member Reward Sweepstakes.

  • Monthly giveaway of a "Phony Pony" Tire Swing. ($80).

  • Teddy Bear from CybearShop at Bear Island - Register for newsletter and qualify for monthly giveaway. Note: Beautiful Bears of all kinds

  • Monthly Gift Certificate Giveaway for a Free half bushel of Diapergrams personalized diapers.


  • TodaysParent. Changing contests.

  • Win ever-changing prizes at Johnson's Baby Promotions.

    Win $10,000 with your photo!

  • Win a decade of vacations at a Disney resort at Huggies Pull-Ups.

  • Subscribe to's newsletter and play BabySweeps. It's a raffle that gives you a chance to win awards that you actually want to win - things you and your baby will need, like a years supply of diapers, a trust fund, gift certificates for clothes and toys, and a whole lot more.

  • Win a year's supply of HUGGIES Diapers and Baby Wipes! Enter weekly. Also offered-coupons, mailing list.

  • Win a Braun ThermoScan One Second Ear Thermometer from

  • Win a free baby bag.

  • Win a Blankee, a personalized baby blanket -- or win more than one if you're having multiples.

    A Mom's Love Contests

  • BabyNet offers three contests: a photo contest, a baby art contest, and a freebieday contest. I won crayons and a coloring book in October 1996! Very fun site. Humor, advice on how to take great photos, all kinds of great information.

  • The American Baby Contest is a registered and licensed photo contest for children of ages from newborn to 9 years old.

    US Educational Books

  • Babies 'n Bells monthly draws for 50 custom printed invitations or announcements.

  • Emommie. Ongoing quarterly draws for a $50 maternity shopping spree.

  • Fitpregnancy. Win baby and maternity items.

  • Geniusbabies. Monthly prize is a $100 gift certificate.

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