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  • ZERO TO THREE is the nation's leading resource on the first three years of life. We are a national non-profit charitable organization whose aim is to strengthen and support families, practitioners and communities to promote the healthy development of babies and toddlers.

  • Great information from pregnancy to preschool, also freebies and shopping at the Baby University (previously Carolina Baby Connection).

  • Pregnancy Today, a publication of iParenting, is a great resource for all issues concerning expectant parents.

    The Labor of Love

  • Amazing Pregnancy

  • Pregnancy A2Z: categorized resource directory for everything about pregnancy.
  • Kinderstart Search Engine and Website - Because Kids Don't Come with Instructions. Directory of Information for Parents, Caregivers and Teachers.

  • La Leche International  La Leche League International - an international, nonprofit, nonsectarian organization dedicated to providing education, information, support, and encouragement to women who want to breastfeed.

  • Ask Baby - Free advice, answers to your baby questions.

  • Oxygen's Family and Pregnancy - Some good articles, tools.

  • Myria, The Magazine for Mothers - On-line magazine with support, information and resources for women who share the essential bond of motherhood.

  • The Compleat Mother - The Magazine of Pregnancy, Childbirth and Breastfeeding.

  • A Mom's Love

    A Mom's Love - Supportive information and resources for moms.

  • Free changing samples of content and updates on safety alerts and recalls related to baby products and parenting from Consumer Reports.

  • Mayo Clinic - Very helpful site for health-related issues of all kinds.

  • ObGynNet - The universe of women's health.

  • Dr. Green's Housecalls - Pediatric Wisdom for the Information Age.

  • Great information about pregnancy and prenatal care at the Make Way for Baby website, makers of the prenatal stimulation video. Site available in Spanish.

  • The National Maternal and Child Health Clearinghouse has merged into the Health Resources and Services Administration Information Center - Great source of information on a variety of related topics.

  • Official site of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

  • Ultrasound photos from About.Com. A great collection arranged by week. Lots of other great pregnancy, baby, and parenting resources, too. I like the improvements to the site since it changed from The Mining Company.

  • BERP - No kidding. It's the University of Pennsylvania Health System Basic Embryology Review Program with a great Overview Chapter follows development from fertilization through birth. Comprehensive information and appearance at different stages of development. They have a downloadable (about 3 mb) movie where you can Watch Baby Grow.

  • Ohio State University has a wonderful collection (OhioLine) of free parenting and family pdf files.

  • Fetal development description from Westside Pregnancy Resource Center - complete with color photos!

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