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"Paradise is exactly like where you are right now . . . only much, much better."  - Laurie Anderson

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Caritas - Give Alms, Give Compassion, Give Love

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  • Pay attention to someone you might normally ignore.
  • Be a listening ear to someone who needs one.
  • Look around you - everyone needs a little support and compassion.
  • Commit a random act of kindness today.
  • Smile at someone - your husband, your wife, your child, your friend - or your adversary (it really confuses them).
  • Think of more ways to embody compassionate love and forgiveness.

  • How about just a few slow deep breaths? Stop thinking and just feel yourself breathe for a minute.
  • It is astonishing what we already know if we just stop to pay attention and listen. Ask yourself a question and listen for that most hidden and quiet voice inside you that is the most authentic center. The answer, for you, will almost always arise.
  • Notice what tape keeps playing in your head today. How long can you turn it off? Ten seconds? A minute? How long does it take you to notice that it has started playing again? Can you choose to gently turn your thoughts back to a deep breath?
  • Try a chant. Use anything: conventional prayers and phrases, resonant words, and even fun phrases. One of our minor deities has had great results with "God is love and."
  • Become aware of your body. How does it feel, how are you different: bowing, standing with arms stretched to the sky, in a yoga position, curled up in a fetal position, standing with arms crossed, clapping your hands?
  • Ask yourself some difficult questions.
  • Give yourself a break from difficult questions - look at the stars, at the sky, at the tops of the trees, at the gravel on the edge of the road.
Prayer Offerings

Offer your prayers to Benevolent Deities Inc (in whole or in part), and read the prayers of others as they are published everywhere.

Please be respectful and kind and/or witty and humorous and/or compassionate and wise.

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