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VirtuBene Mailbag

VirtuBene Mailbag

Your letters may be posted here. Entry of any letter indicates your permission for your letter to be published. Your email address will remain private, and your letter may be edited at our discretion. We will indicate any editing in the text of the correspondence.

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"Ghandi" is an erroneous spelling of the Gandhiji's name. The "h" follows the "d" not the "G". Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is the appropriate spelling of his given name. And of course the honorific "Mahatma" which has become synonymous with his name.
(Note: A little joke on me from the gods who allowed this public ignorance to occur for the purpose of humbling me. I thank you for the correction, and deeply apologize for paying insufficient attention. I deeply honor Gandhi, and have corrected this throughout the site.)

Respected Brother. I am Surya Narayana Murthy from India (Hyderabad). I am a Hindu and I belong to the Brahmin family. I am orthodox and pray god and observe fasting regularly. But with the knowledge I acquired about our prophet Muhammed (Salla Allahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) I came to a conclusion that he is the prophet of the whole mankind. I adore him and his mission of getting the monotheism. I pray Allah, the Almighty continously for we are all children of him. I read the Holy Quran (Masha Allah) and I am a constant person to recite Sura Fatihah and Allahu Akbar with Sura Zalzalah. I declare that there is no god except and Muhammad (PBUH) is his prophet who was sent to us for our betterness. May Allah be pleased with him and pleased with every Muslim brothers and other brethren of all the nations. Verse:
Hasbunallahu Wanimal Wakil...
Allahu Akbar....

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