Beneath the Water

Drowned is my soul today,
Submerged in a foreign world.

Shall I drift mindlessly along
In the dream of your slight smile,
Through the primal musk-sweetness cloud,
Vision dimmed by the shimmering aura
Of our clasped hands?
Oh! It's unforgivable.

Shall secret hope find flowering,
In such slender gratifications as these?
A hallmark special times scene near tears?
Cheap seats made momentarily meaningful?
No, you'll never see it.

When you remember this day,
Just see the trees from our high perch,
Just hear the rustle of dead leaves,
Pushed aside by spring's bursts,
And feel that granite beneath us.

Don't - for a second - sense the fear
Rising up through my pounding heart
As I come alive beneath the water.

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