Just Imagine

Pretending she was an elf
The little girl skipped lightly
Over the stream
Rock to rock she danced
And she was over.

But as she turned to go back
The mossy stone betrayed her
One foot slipped down
Plunked into the cold
Into the swirling.

As fast as she pulled it up
She couldn't shake the water
Drenched now she jumped
Dread-filled and shaking
She knew what would come.

Her new black shoe and white sock
Cold and wet and numbing now
The meeting starts
Punishment coming.

No, no, no! I whisper low
That's not the way it must be
Just imagine
Imagine again
But now differently.

Not elf but monster be now
Swoosh and golumph to greet them
Eyes twirl and flash
Teeth meet, clash and gnash
Surprise them, dear girl.

They can never hold your mind
In any cage they can build
Find your own soul
Follow your heartpath
Go on - imagine.

(May 17, 2004)

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