Dissertation Conjuration
or, What It Is

An information overload
Implodes my logic into scrambled code
Proliferation underlined
But not an argument within to find

The twinned abyss eyeballs me back
The one side swarms, the other lacks
Nothing to grasp, no teeth to bite
So what it is today I just can't fight

I'll try another metaphor
I'm surfing over the mutation's roar
But with no sky nor even dawn
- The structures that we all depend upon -

The sand sinks in and liquid flows
The co-infection site within me grows
Exchanging agents of more change
So what it is I'm getting rearranged

The lines of truth and fiction blur
As though their bleedthroughs weren't already sure
To lure me into scenting nodes
That map the network of the mother lode

I try again, it's all for naught
I don't know what it is that I ain't got
The spiderwebs turn in my head
And try to tell me I'm already dead

All vectors' pathways laced with chance
And fate, the strange attractor's hidden dance
I conjure synchronicity
Beam through your secret ledge-ability

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