Seven Strands Reclaiming

(for J)

All seven strands bound up as one
Describe my state today
Each string a song of captured thought
As gods - themselves - might play

A magic repetition sounds
In features most divine
A fleeting vision resonant
As your eye links to mine

And then a bell most distant clangs
As scanty breaths we stow
We may wear out our skins' defense
While gentle kisses flow

A hunger restless as a puma
Craving blood of hearts
A sunbeam flares along a lash
A pang within me darts

Face held close in holy wonder
Knot by knot the strings
Unloosen by themselves it seems
Like this - Like this - the wings

Pastiche of ambiguity
Where dusk-toned colors seep
A complex grayness finely grained
From which the tiger leaps

The fiery rumble of the drum
Attunement of the nerve
A reassembled craft am I
Cut bloom along the curve

And finally the warm long rain
Chaotic patterns swirled
Made of it all a tapestry
A twining of the worlds

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