So incongruous
in daylight,
when imagination
saw only twilight - blue light -
unearthly dream.

Your eyes -
warmer than I've ever seen them.
Your hair - curls cropped
still as soft as the first time
I snuck an unnoticed caress.
Your chin -
firm and sculpted
as fine as any Adonis
ever painted.

Ghostly, wraithlike,
kathy to your heathcliff,
my fingertips cross the miles
in a flash and
touch for one brief moment
your trembling mouth.

Understand, I was afraid,
soul stretched and aching
at the draw
of the electric arc,
of the mere potentiality
of a millisecond more,
still lingering
before snapback.

The frisson,
electrified my being,
body heart and soul,
into one substance,
atomized my cosmos,
rendered me forever -

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